Jose Noe Hernandez Vivanco Software Engineer
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General Information

About me

Hello my name is Noe Hernandez, I'm a enthusiastic Software Developer

I have experienced on Software & Web Development. I worked with languages like Java EE & PHP for Backend Development, where I used some Frameworks like Hibernate, Spring 5 for Java and Laravel 5 for PHP. I'm very Interested on analysis and implementation of complete solutions and processes tooling/automation for the Software Development Cycle some tool for it (Docker, Jenkis, Kubernetes) in the Cloud (Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Openshitf) I am very interested in everything related to DevOps, I am constantly learning and I'm planning get some certification for Amazon AWS (Developer and Architect of solutions on AWS) I'm certified in Certified as Java Programmer & Oracle Web Component Developer (Java EE). Passion for Computer Science and Technologies


Knowledge in Unix Commands, Logical volume administration, package management, file systems, users, groups, file permissions and ownership, IP Tables, Server Configurations, Apache, MySQL, Maria DB, Postgress.

Linux Network configuration, Troubleshooting, Server Security, Secure Shell.

  • PHP > 5 Programmer
  • Laravel > 5
  • Knowledge in Control version, GIT and SVN (Production and Development Enviroments)
  • Collaboration: Github ""
  • Cloud Server Administrator (DigitalOcean, Rackspace)
  • WEB 2.0 Technologies (HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, Angular JS, CSS) 
  • Linux Server Administrator
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2) 
  • Java (SE, EE)
  • Freelancer as Web Applications Developer 
  • Design Patterns (MVC, Singleton, Factory) 
  • Application Development for Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter APIs).



if you have a question you can send me a email:
[email protected]